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Sunday 14 June 2020, 2.00pm

Daylesford Town Hall,
76 Vincent Street, Dayelsford.

Romantic Passions - Beethoven, Brahms and Tchaikovsky

We continue our homage to the 250th anniversary of the birth of Beethoven with his Egmont Overture. Written in Beethoven's middle period, it features a stately opening and a thrilling, climactic finalé.

Roy Theaker and Kalina Krusteva will thrill you with the Brahms Double Concerto which was Brahms’ last composition for orchestra. It was written for cellist Robert Hausmann, a frequent chamber music collaborator of Brahms, together with Brahms’ estranged friend, the violinist Joseph Joachim, one of the greatest violinists of all time – it was a gesture of reconciliation by Brahms towards Joachim.

Standing alongside Brahms and Beethoven will be Tchaikovsky's most personal work, his Symphony Pathétique. The hostile reception it initially received plunged Tchaikovsky into despair. Today, this heart-wrenching and passionate symphony is one of his most beloved works.

Rick Prakhoff - conductor
Roy Theaker - violin
Kalina Krusteva - cello


Beethoven – Egmont Overture
Brahms – Double Concerto for violin and cello
Tchaikovsky - Symphony No.6


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