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The Zelman Memorial Symphony Orchestra is administed by an Association, known as the Zelman Memorial Symphony Orchestra, Incorporated (Registration Number A0031942K). Regular players in the orchestra are required to become members of the association, which gives them voting rights at general meetings and the opportunity to stand for positions in the committee.


The Committee is responsible for day-to-day management of the orchestra. Current officers and members of the committee are:

PresidentSarah Fitchett
Vice-PresidentsGraeme Barker
TreasurerNicholas Deane
ConductorRick Prakhoff
Committee MembersGeorge Deutsch (Publicity)
 Holly Hayes
 Calum Scott
 (vacant x 3)
LibrarianSarah Fitchett
SecretaryGary Kirby


The orchestra maintains a modest library of symphonic works which may be borrowed for a small fee. Enquiries concerning the library should be directed to the Librarian by email.

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